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When do Babies Start to Play with Toys?

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Babies can start to play with toys from a very young age, although the type of toys they play with will vary depending on their age and developmental stage.

Newborns and young infants may be attracted to toys that are visually stimulating, such as mobiles, black and white or brightly colored toys, or toys with high-contrast patterns. As they grow, they may become interested in toys that are soft and easy to grasp, such as plush toys, rattles, and teething toys.

Around 3-6 months old, babies begin to develop hand-eye coordination and may start to reach out and grasp toys. They may also enjoy toys that make noise or have different textures to explore.

Between 6-12 months, babies may become more interested in toys that involve cause-and-effect, such as shape sorters, stacking toys, and push-and-pull toys. They may also enjoy toys that encourage exploration and problem-solving, such as activity centers and toy kitchens.

Overall, it’s important to provide babies with age-appropriate toys that are safe and stimulating. As they grow and develop, their interests and abilities will change, and so will the types of toys that they enjoy playing with.


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