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When would babies speak their first words?

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Babies typically say their first words between 9 and 14 months of age. However, it’s important to remember that all babies develop at their own pace, and some may say their first words earlier or later than this range.

In the months leading up to their first words, babies may start to babble and make a variety of sounds, such as “ma,” “da,” and “ba.” These sounds are an important part of language development and can help babies learn to control their vocal cords and develop the muscles needed for speech.

Around 6-8 months of age, babies may begin to understand simple words and phrases, such as “bye-bye” or “mama.” They may also start to associate specific words with objects or actions, such as “milk” or “eat.”

As babies continue to develop and grow, they may start to say their first words, such as “mama,” “dada,” “bye-bye,” or “ball.” It’s important to encourage your baby’s language development by talking to them, reading to them, and responding to their babbling and attempts at communication. If you have concerns about your baby’s language development, it’s always a good idea to speak with your pediatrician, who can provide guidance and support.


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